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Our mission is "Creative Production That Changes Lives"  We are passionate about creative production and seek to partner with organizations who are positively impacting the lives of people in their community and the world.
Our philosophy is "Relationships over Revenue!"  Don't be mistaken, we are a for-profit business however, we value lasting relationships over revenue and understand that when we maintain healthy relationships, our clients' needs are being met, we are fulfilled in our purpose, we have peace, and compensation is simply one of the necessary benefits we receive in exchange for our work!
We understand that each client is unique, therefore we listen to understand your individual needs. Some clients like to be involved in each step of the process, while others prefer not to look behind the curtain! Either way, we get you to your destination of success, on time and on budget!
Our Core Values  embody the properties of a spice, used to flavor, color, or preserve something! Let NGP add SPICE to your project!


  • When others see problems, we see challenges that give us opportunities to be our clients' answer!


  • Our team absolutely loves what they do, and their passion is evident in their work!


  • Fair, honest, transparent, and trustworthy are words our clients use to describe NGP!


  • We are artists who embrace new ideas, originality, and like to shake up the way we think!


  • We inspect what we expect to ensure that we achieve excellence in everything we do!

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